Christopher M. Walsh

playwright & performer

Christopher M. Walsh

Miss Holmes Returns

Feminist Murder Mystery

2 acts – 120 minutes
6 women, 3 men

Based on the collected novels and short stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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A nurse and activist finds herself on the run, wanted for murder. Pursued by authorities who choose to ignore a clear case of self-defense due to her Indian heritage and influence from sinister figures from the shadowy criminal underworld, she turns to Miss Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Dorothy Watson for help. Miss Holmes Returns is theatrical “fan fiction” that explores feminist themes using the characters, settings and tropes created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to explore the added challenges and risks faced by these iconic characters if they were women, while also examining the intersections of sexism, classism and racism.

“This whodunit features an entertaining cast, unexpected plot twists and clever nods to the original stories. It also addresses themes of sexism, colonialism and racism in ways that feel authentic to the Victorian setting but still resonate today.” – Emily McClanathan, Chicago Tribune

Miss Holmes Returns offers a blend of fan-service Sherlockiana with a healthy dose of sisterhood.” – Kerry Reid, Chicago Reader

“4 stars… The talent and stagecraft [at Lifeline Theatre] have always been impressive and remain so with Miss Holmes Returns, written by Christopher M. Walsh and directed by Elise Kauzlaric… This is Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street done with a feminist twist.” – Kathy D. Hey, Third Coast Review

“Lifeline at its best… Walsh’s work in 2016’s Miss Holmes was no simple gender swap and the political, economic, and social vulnerability of women is even more central to Miss Holmes Returns… In the hands of another writer, it’s easy to imagine these choices dragging the dialogue into something heavy-handed and scolding. Walsh does more than steer clear of this, though, as he skillfully weaves the themes together to convey how the personal is always political and vice versa.” – Christine M. Malcom, Talkin’ Broadway

“Intelligently written and highly entertaining.” – Scott Mullowney, Daily Times Chronicle

“This is the rare historical piece that feels blisteringly relevant to the modern day; rarely have I had so much fun at the theater while also feeling so refreshingly validated by a show’s politics and message… heartfelt and suspenseful… In turns, this play must rapidly ricochet between the suspenseful, the political, and the personal — three seemingly disparate aims that are woven together with precision and style.” – Aaron Lockman, Rescripted

“Walsh impressively creates more than a murder mystery. Although he has the traditional body, weapon, intellectual wit and obscure clues of a Sherlock whodunit, he goes deeper and broader. He masterfully weaves in the history of the time period into his tale… His strong feminist voice is apparent in his character choices, illustrations of gender inequity and commentary on male authority over women’s bodies.” – Katy Walsh, The Fourth Walsh

“Through the years, many people have tried to adapt Holmes to different time periods and situations. But none that I have come across have done so as successfully as Christopher M. Walsh does in Miss Holmes Returns.” – Erik Bailey, Broadway World Boston

“Christopher M. Walsh has written a brilliant sequel to his first dramatic foray into the Holmes canon… One needn’t have seen Christopher M. Walsh’s prior production to appreciate this sequel, but audiences will leave the theatre hoping that he’s writing yet another installment. The play is sharp, fast-paced, filled with exciting characters, stimulating dialogue and enough puzzling logic to challenge every audience member to think.” – Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

“Few forms of entertainment are more delicious than a well-crafted murder mystery, and ‘Miss Holmes Returns,’ Lifeline Theatre’s sequel to its 2016 ‘Miss Holmes,’ fits the bill quite well… It’s so entertaining that now I’m looking forward to what comes next.” – Anne Spiselman, Hyde Park Herald

“Befitting our times and the world we live in, playwright Walsh consciously has woven threads of social justice into his plot… Walsh has a long series of tricks up his sleeve.” – Rich Fahey, On Boston Stages

“A tour de force.” – Gail Lowe, Stage Whispers