It’s got Ian McShane being imperious and conniving. It’s gorgeous, and the story is Shakespearean. Well, technically it’s Biblical, which might get annoying. I feel I can let it go a little farther though because it is essentially an alternate-universe fantasy. I’d kind of like to see a map of this kingdom. The capital city of Shiloh is obviously New York, but after that the geography is pretty vague. The history, too. I’d also like a timeline.

I give the two-hour premiere episode three and a half stars out of four. Enough to make me watch the next one. Besides, Battlestar Galactica wraps up after this week and I will need to find something to fill the gaping hole in my life. It’s too bad the show is on network TV; I’d really love to see the old Al Swearingen call somebody a cocksucker one more time.