I am distraught. The evolutionary biologist, Atheist blogger and all-around cool guy PZ Myers has revealed himself to be the worst of heretics. And no, I am not referring to his recent simultaneous desecrations of a Catholic communion waver, a copy of the Qu’ran, and Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion. That was merely hilarious. No, the good professor has raised my ire with something far more insidious:

He saw The Dark Knight, and didn’t like it.

My fingers twinge in revolt just typing the words.

“The plot wandered all over,” says Professor Myers, “and the movie seemed less interested in telling a story well than in throwing up moral ambiguity and ethical dilemmas which, instead of actually pursuing with any depth, it would resolve with a punch from Batman’s fist or an explosion.” I feel compelled to point out two things:

First, the point of the story was that Batman and the so-called “good” people of Gotham were incapable of addressing moral ambiguity without violence; pointing this out was pretty much the Joker’s raison d’être.

Second, the movie is based on a comic book. There’s gonna be punching, and shit’s gonna blow up.

That said, the good professor is certainly free to like or dislike any movie that moves him one way or another. I have a fondness for movies in general and Batman in particular, and when they are put together I am known to squeal with delight. (Seriously. Ask the wife.) And I cannot help but agree with those who claim this to be the best movie of the year. However, I do wish to follow Professor Myers’ example — “Nothing must be held sacred” — and so I will finish my little tirade against his (slanderous! blasphemous! SCANDALOUS!) critique by saying, “I disagree. But that’s cool.”