Everyone should go see Faster by Adam Rapp. It’s playing at the side project through April 6. My good friend Joanie Schultz directed it, and therefore it is pretty awesome. She has become the go-to director for Adam Rapp in Chicago, and this show just proves why that is the case. This play makes you realize that however much you thought was possible in theatre, you can always do more. The show features a top-notch cast and some of the best technical design elements you’ll ever see in a storefront theater space. The sound in particular will blow you away.

If you need any extra incentive, I should mention that I provided the fight choreography for the show. According to Randy Hardwick at ChicagoCritic.com, the fights are “reasonable.” I have decided to accept that as high praise, considering that the physical violence is a relatively minor element of the show.

Anyway, go see it. Especially since Journey’s End has closed, so there’s no way to check out any of my theatre work until June. And I know that’s what you live for. Don’t lie.