Current weight: 283.6 lbs

So, this is a new thing I’m trying. I went to the grocery store yesterday and loaded up on chicken, fish, vegetables, and whole grain bread and cereal. A problem I’ve run into with many diet plans is too much freedom. When I have a lot of choices presented to me, I find myself thinking, “Well, if I can have this, then it’s probably okay to have that, too.” Eventually I lose control, and I snowball down the hill into a big pile of chocolate Zingers.

The one diet where I had success was the Atkins diet, which for too many other reasons turned out to be not so good, but I had limited myself to a very strict list of acceptable foods, and I did not ever stray outside the lines. I’m gonna try that again, but with more veggies and grains than the Atkins diet allowed. I feel pretty good about this plan. My current goal is to cut ten percent of my body weight. I figure that should take me about fifteen weeks. We’ll see what happens after that.