A pipe broke in the warehouse where I work today. Smelly water and what I think is a genuine turd plopped out onto some of our product. There’s a hole right in the pipe, and whenever anyone flushed a toilet somewhere in the building stuff flowed out like a faucet. The pipe is still busted as of this writing, but the Powers That Be have cleverly posted “Out of Order” signs on all of the bathrooms, and we’ve been promised that help is on the way. There is a hint of a smell, but not so you’d notice if you weren’t looking for it.

I ain’t cleaning it up, that’s for certain.

All this flowing sewage makes me think of Republicans. By now you’ve probably seen the clip from the recent debate when Rudy Giuliani’s mic shorted out while he was answering a question regarding his stance on abortion rights. The moderator commented that lightning caused the short, and the other candidates backed away from Giuliani’s podium. The move was, I think, intended to be comical. Giuliani’s stance on abortion rights, and a number of other social issues, are more left-leaning than the other Republicans running. The joke appeared to be that God had voiced His displeasure with Rudy’s sinful liberal streak. However, I’d bet the farm that most of the men on that stage believe that is exactly what happened. The guys running for the Republican nomination are a bunch of scary-ass, superstitious, freaks.

Did you see the first debate, when no less than three of these nutjobs came right out and said they did not believe in evolution? Didn’t these men go to college?

Now, I’m an atheist, and a recent convert to the Harris-Dawkins-Hitchens school of In Your Face atheism. Not that I get many opportunities to get in people’s faces about it. Furthermore, I don’t really have the educational background to debate the scientific aspects, but here’s the thing: I don’t need to, because I trust the experts.

Please note that I used the word “trust,” as opposed to “faith.” The difference is simple — you have to earn trust. Trust is earned with evidence. These politicians who answer questions about contemporary social issues with Bible verses offer no evidence of trustworthiness, or even the ability to think for themselves.

I might as well listen to the sewage flowing out of a hole in a pipe.