Hey, everybody! Just wanted you all to know I haven’t forgotten about you. I am at work right now, but as you can see it is the calm between storms, so here I am.

My participation in National Novel Writing Month is on track. I passed 10,000 words yesterday, which is pretty exciting. Week Two–the most difficult week of the month, according to NaNoWriMo founder Chris Baty–officially begins on Tuesday. So far I’m having fun, and feeling pretty good about the work.

My awesome Halloween costume turned out to be a bust, as a result of me buying shitty makeup. Serves me right for being cheap. I was gonna be the Joker. I even had this cool idea of using rigid collodion (a special thing used for making fake scars) so I could make the Joker’s smile look good and hideous. But alas, I ended up looking like a convention-attending dorkwad with cheap white and red makeup smeared all over my head. The green hair worked out pretty good, though. Anyway, maybe I’ll be better-prepared next year, assuming I’m still on this retarded Batman kick.

In other news, the Chicago White Sox won the World Series. I don’t know if you heard. That makes us better. Hah. I, unfortunately, am more of a Cubs fan than a Sox fan, but if you live on the North Side of Chicago it gets complicated. (On the South Side things are much simpler: You support the Sox and anyone who beats the Cubs. Days when the Sox win and the Cubs lose are called South Side Double-Headers.) We on the North Side are a little more liberal with our baseball support. We want the Cubs to win, and we also want the Sox to win, just not when they are playing the Cubs. If the unthinkable were to happen and the Cubs were to meet the Sox in the World Series, the North Side would call it a win-win situation. The South Side would call it Armageddon.

It was easy to root for the Sox this year anyway, because the Cubs roster has been filled with douchebags for the last few years.

But most important is that the Bears have won FOUR GAMES STRAIGHT! And they are in FIRST PLACE!!!! Granted, they are in first place in the NFC North, which almost doesn’t count. But if the Lions, Vikings and Packers all keep sucking as bad as they are, we’re a shoo-in for the playoffs. Yee-hah!

Eh, I gotta git back to work now. Storm’s a-comin’.