So, I’ve got some stuff on my mind. Nothing major, really. The usual stuff people complain about in their blogs. Job issues, that sort of thing. But I realized that I have gone and done something really stupid, which limits my ability to vent the way I’d like.

I’ve gone and plastered my name and likeness all over this damn website.

Now, I have no real reason to assume that certain people about whom I would like to complain know about this blog, but really, how do I know that for sure? You guys remember that one chick? She called herself “The Washingtonienne” online, never published her own name, only used initials to refer to anyone else. She worked in some congressman’s or senator’s office, I believe, and she wrote about all of her crazy sexual escapades for the amusement of a couple of her friends from high school. But then, some journalist found it, and managed to track all of the clues in the blog to the source, and published it. The Washingtonienne, whose real name was Jessica Cutler, ended up losing her job. It was quite the little Beltway scandal.

So you can see why I hesitate to vent my frustrations the way I’d like to. Of course, I doubt any journalist would give a crap that I thought I was getting screwed over by the business I work for. And I doubt that I would be so fortunate as to receive a book deal and a spread in Playboy for my trouble.

But then, I haven’t even STARTED whining about this play I’m in. Hoo boy. This one’s a winner.

In other news, the Snizz‘s new album, “The ReBirth of Snizz,” just dropped. I have heard it, and what can I say about it besides, “The Snizz”? Anyway, if you’re interested in checking it out, I’m told that a quick e-mail to the Snizz’s business partner, Walshington, I.C., who of course has nothing to do with me, will get you all hooked up.

So that’s all the news that’s fit to print. At least without getting me in too much trouble.