The Count of Monte Cristo

Drama – 2 acts – 7 men, 4 women

Adapted from the novel by Alexandre Dumas

Published by Sordelet Ink and available for purchase at


The lives of three powerful families are thrown into chaos with the arrival of the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo, a man of untold wealth who carries with him secrets from the past which may destroy them all.

Production History

2018 – Sacramento Shakespeare Festival – Sacramento, CA
2014 – College of DuPage Theatre – Glen Ellyn, IL
2013 – Mob Hit Productions – Calgary, AB
2011 – Lifeline Theatre – Chicago, IL (Premiere)


“Walsh’s stellar adaptation [is] a guilty theatrical pleasure you don’t have to atone for afterward. It’s zesty, good fun – colorful theatrical comfort food with enough philosophical seasoning and emotional heat… The cogs and wheels of Holmquist’s ensemble make this contraption hum like a well-tuned Bugatti” – Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

“Walsh wisely intercuts the title character’s past with scenes from his present-day mission of vengeance… By gradually revealing the transformation of naive sailor Edmond Dantes into the cunning Count of Monte Cristo, Walsh builds the suspense leading into the action-packed second act.” – Oliver Sava, Time Out Chicago

“4 Stars … a complex and concise masterpiece … Walsh successfully contains the multiple storylines within a solid framework. He boils each scenario down to its essence. Every word is utilitarian in the tight dialog.” – Katy Walsh, Chicago Theater Beat

“I think Christopher M. Walsh did a very good job writing this play. This play makes me want to read the book. People should see this play. It is awesome.” – Ada Grey, Ada Grey Reviews for You