My new play Miss Holmes opened on Monday, and I am proud to say that the response so far has been enthusiastically positive. I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up some of my favorite pull-quotes: “Christopher M. Walsh’s ‘Miss Holmes’ offers a cunning and highly enjoyable gender-bent take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s maddeningly brilliant detective. […]

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What I Meant to Say

On Sunday, August 14th, Lifeline Theatre hosted a “Sneak Peak” event for my upcoming play, Miss Holmes. We do one of these for each mainstage show. Early in the rehearsal process we invite our subscribers and donors to come and watch a couple of scenes and hear about the process and what we hope to accomplish […]

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Deathscribe 2015

On Monday my other company, WildClaw Theatre, capped off months of hard work with Deathscribe 2015. This year’s edition of the annual horror radio play festival was special as it was the first big event for what we’re dubbing WildClaw 3.0 – the company that assembled last summer after a handful of long-time members moved […]

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Rehearsals have begun for Lifeline Theatre’s upcoming production of Midnight Cowboy, written by my good friend and frequent artistic collaborator Chris Hainsworth. I think this is the seventh show we’ve worked on together? Or tenth, if you count A Crew of Patches, and why wouldn’t we? Usually we’re acting together, or one of us is acting in […]

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Basically, I Wish I was Lin-Manuel Miranda

My current obsession is the soundtrack to the Broadway musical Hamilton. If you’re reading my blog then I suspect you are in some way a theatre person, and so I will assume you’ve heard of this show. If you haven’t yet listened to the soundtrack, I suggest you do so right away. I don’t usually connect with […]

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The Fallacy of Meritocracy: Wrapping My Head Around a Concept

The other day, the posting of this article caused something of a buzz among my Facebook friends who are involved in theatre. I myself linked to it, with the (admittedly naive) observation that I agreed with parts of it, but other parts left me scratching my head. The discussion the article engendered was, shall we […]

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In a scene from the 1965 movie The Agony and the Ecstacy, Michaelangelo (played by Charlton Heston) receives a massive block of marble. He explains that the sculpture he intends to create already exists, hidden within the block. All he needs to do is chip away at the block until the artwork within reveals itself. I […]

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Literary Management

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, even though most of my friends were already aware of it. But today it was officially announced that I am the new Literary Manager for WildClaw Theatre. WildClaw Theatre is the premiere horror theatre company in Chicago. It’s flagship production is the annual Deathscribe Festival of […]

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Busy Week

I have two shows in previews right now. WildClaw Theatre‘s live horror anthology Motel 666 opens this Friday, and my adaptation of Soon I Will Be Invincible opens next Tuesday at Lifeline Theatre. Normally shows at Lifeline open on Mondays, but the Non-Equity Jeff Awards changed their date, so it was easier for us to move ours. Monstrous […]

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Assessing the Situation

Okay, remember that thing I did about six months ago, where I tried to write a hundred words a day here? It only lasted a month, but in hindsight I feel like that was a pretty good month, so I think I might try that again. I have been neglecting this place lately because I’ve […]

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