Rehearsals have begun for Lifeline Theatre’s upcoming production of Midnight Cowboy, written by my good friend and frequent artistic collaborator Chris Hainsworth. I think this is the seventh show we’ve worked on together? Or tenth, if you count A Crew of Patches, and why wouldn’t we? Usually we’re acting together, or one of us is acting in […]

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Busy Week

I have two shows in previews right now. WildClaw Theatre‘s live horror anthology Motel 666 opens this Friday, and my adaptation of Soon I Will Be Invincible opens next Tuesday at Lifeline Theatre. Normally shows at Lifeline open on Mondays, but the Non-Equity Jeff Awards changed their date, so it was easier for us to move ours. Monstrous […]

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Assessing the Situation

Okay, remember that thing I did about six months ago, where I tried to write a hundred words a day here? It only lasted a month, but in hindsight I feel like that was a pretty good month, so I think I might try that again. I have been neglecting this place lately because I’ve […]

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A Small Victory

Turns out I won’t need to make that trip down to City Hall after all. Good thing, too; my dress shirts all need to be dry-cleaned. The Event Promoters ordinance has been tabled pending further discussion and input from the public. It will be at least a month before it comes up again. Some version […]

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The Tipping Point

Cross-posted at Chicago Metblogs: The Event Promoters ordinance will go before the city council at 10:00 AM, Wednesday, May 14th. I received an e-mail from Brad Maier letting me know about a campaign to flood city hall with opponents of this ordinance. The campaign is being organized through The Point, and the goal is for […]

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An Open Letter to Alderman Eugene C. Schulter

Dear Alderman Schulter: This Wednesday, May 14, the city council is scheduled to vote on the Event Promoters ordinance. I ask that you vote against this ordinance. A large number of young artists, actors and musicians who would be negatively effected by this ordinance live in your ward, and there are several venues in your […]

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Quarter-Year Review

My mom started chemo last week. As per usual, she is the most upbeat about it out of everyone in my family. I’m told that the prognosis is actually quite good, and that the chemo is sort of a covering-all-the-bases way of making sure that in the unlikely event that her cancer spread anywhere, it […]

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“Come Here, You Wacky Little Bitch!”

“The 11 p.m. sold out house was a lively one and the 11-person ensemble moved fluidly in action and dialogue. Nary a beat was dropped in the 45 minute performance, and several hearty laughs were shared.” So says The Bastion, a website devoted to the comedy scene here in Chicago. I must confess, I had […]

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Rogue 8, Issue #3

I directed a play. It opens Friday. Come see it! You can get information on times and whatnot by clicking here. Written by my good friend Dan, Rogue 8 – Issue #3 is a late-night one-act about a group of misfit superheroes with hilarious powers like making people puke on contact, or knowing the most […]

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