Audiobook Narration


The Hot Seat by Manning Wolfe and Mark Pryor
Inheritors of the New Kingdom by VK McGivney
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson: A Study in Illusions of Terror by Earl Riley, Victor Haddox
Gray Tide In The East: An alternate history of the First World War by Andrew J. Heller
Tidal Effects: Gray Tide In The East, Book II by Andrew J. Heller
The Father of Flesh by Nicholas Paschall
Powerful Landing Pages 101 by Dreamer Publisher

With Fort Raphael Publishing Company:
The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane



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Announcer, Articulate, Comedic, Deadpan, Engaging, Low to mid-range, Masculine

Accents & Dialects

American (General American, Mid-West, New York, Southern), Australian, British (General British, General Scottish, BBC English, Cockney, Estuary, Liverpool, Northern Irish, West Country), French, German, Indian, Irish (Dublin), Russian