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6’0″ | 290 lbs. | Eyes: Blue | Hair: Brown

CHICAGO FIRE (EP. 514) Culotta (Co-star) NBC (Joe Chappelle)
CHICAGO FIRE (EP. 304) Mick (Co-star) NBC (Steve Shill)
BETRAYAL (EP. 113) Incident Commander (Co-star) ABC Studios (David Zabel)
HOUSE ON NIGHTMARE LANE Holden (Lead) Sword & Cloak Productions (David Schmidt)
KATHRYN UPSIDE DOWN Bob (Lead) Pot Pan Productions (Allie Loukas)
ABC PICKERS (Industrial) Frank (Lead) Exclaim, Inc. (Curt Petersen)
CAT TEASER (Industrial) Foreman (Lead) Odd Machine (Seth Henrikson)
The Player Metropolis Performing Arts Centre
(Josh Sobel)
THE HAMMER TRINITY Abraham The House Theatre of Chicago (Nathan Allen)
SEASON ON THE LINE Joao The House Theatre of Chicago (Jess McLeod)
     2015 Jeff Awards Nomination – Best Ensemble
MONSTROUS REGIMENT Sgt. Jackrum Lifeline Theatre (Kevin Theis)
     2015 Jeff Awards Nomination – Best Production
STREET JUSTICE: CONDITION RED Mr. Blade Factory Theatre (Mike Ooi)
THE CROWNLESS KING Abraham The House Theatre of Chicago (Nathan Allen)
THE THREE MUSKETEERS Porthos Lifeline Theatre (Amanda Delheimer Dimond)
JULIUS CAESAR Julius Caesar A Crew of Patches (Jan Blixt)
MACBETH Banquo A Crew of Patches (Jan Blixt)
ROMEO AND JULIET Peter A Crew of Patches (Jan Blixt)
THE WOMAN IN WHITE Count Fosco Lifeline Theatre (Elise Kauzlaric)
THE DUCHESS OF MALFI The Cardinal Strawdog Theatre (Brandon Bruce)
HUNGER The Director/Ivan Lifeline Theatre (Robert Kauzlaric)
WATERSHIP DOWN Bigwig Lifeline Theatre (Katie McLean Hainsworth)
LOUIS SLOTIN SONATA Alvin Graves A Red Orchid Theatre (Karen Kessler)
NEVERWHERE Mr. Vandemar Lifeline Theatre (Paul S. Holmquist)
TREASURE ISLAND Billy Bones Lifeline Theatre (Robert Kauzlaric)
BUSMAN’S HONEYMOON MacBride Lifeline Theatre (Paul S. Holmquist)
     2010 Jeff Awards Nomination – Best Production
CAMP FREEDOM! Commandant Ricky Black Sheep Prod. (Vance Smith)
THE MARK OF ZORRO The Governor Lifeline Theatre (Dorothy Milne)
     2009 Jeff Awards Nomination – Best Production
JOURNEY’S END Trotter Griffin Theatre (Jonathan Berry)
BLACK BOX ACTING STUDIO: Meisner Technique – Audrey Francis, Laura Hooper
COLUMBIA COLLEGE CHICAGO: On Camera – Sheldon Patinkin, Harrisse Davidson; Shakespeare – Henry Godinez; Stage Combat – David Woolley
Other Skills
Extensive Stage Combat experience (Unarmed, Rapier & Dagger, Broadsword, Small Sword, Single Rapier, Quarterstaff, Sword & Shield, Knife); Accents and Dialects (British RP, Cockney, West Country, Scottish, Spanish); trained in Folio Technique; IL driver’s license; some guitar and bass guitar



As Mick in Chicago Fire, Season 3, Episode 4. With Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide.


As Holden in House on Nightmare Lane, directed by David Schmidt for Sword & Cloak Productions.


Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
(Metropolis Performing Arts Centre, 2017)

“The Tragedians … mug, enact and prance delightfully upon the Player’s (a masterful, handsome basso fundo Christopher Walsh) command.” – Regina Belt-Daniels, Northwest Herald

The Hammer Trinity (The House Theatre of Chicago, 2015)

“Their language, though poetical and richer, is not so mired in antiquity and pomposity; full of vibrant jokes (most expertly pitched by Casper’s uncle Abraham Pride, the magnificent Christopher M Walsh)” – Ben Kemper, Chicago Theatre Review

“Christopher Walsh (no relation) hysterically responds with his signature perfect comedic timing. Walsh repeatedly with a gesture or one word cracks the audience up.” – Katy Walsh, The Fourth Walsh

“Christopher M. Walsh also gives a fun, commanding performance, continued from “The Iron Stag King,” as Casper’s curmudgeonly uncle, Abraham Pride.” – Alex Huntsberger, Newcity Stage

Season on the Line (The House Theatre of Chicago, 2014)

“Christopher M. Walsh makes the most of his scant dialogue and even more from his numerous silences as Joao, the surly, expatriate Technical Director and ‘whaling expert.'” – Alex Huntsberger, Newcity Stage

“Christopher M. Walsh is wonderful as the truculent tech director, whose passion is evident in his work.” – Kerstin Broockmann, Chicago Stage Standard

“I thought that Joao (Christopher M. Walsh) was really funny because he had all these different hand signs and he was so serious about them. It was just so funny.” – Ada Grey, Ada Grey Reviews for You

Monstrous Regiment (Lifeline Theatre, 2014)

“Walsh as Sergeant Jackrum … is so much more than the ‘Sarge’ stereotype. He is simultaneously a ruthless killer, a beleaguered old soldier and a caring leader; not an easy character, but Walsh rises to the occasion in the most natural performance of the show, one that gives it real soul.” – Kevin Thomas, Time Out Chicago

“Walsh brings multiple layers of anger and vulnerability to Jackrum.” – Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

“Walsh was simply born to play Jackrum: with his cadaverous deadpan, nuanced earnestness as he tries to see ‘his little lads’ safe through the war, and the occasional flutters of impish joy, as he proves himself yet again to be a man full of surprises.” – Ben Kemper, Chicago Theatre Review

“Christopher M. Walsh supplies unexpected nuance and a large measure of heart as the squad’s tough, genial NCO.” – Tony Adler, Chicago Reader

“Leading the untrained, poorly outfitted regiment is the gruff, battle-hardened, unfailingly decent Sgt. Jackrum, played with equal parts compassion and ruthlessness by Christopher M. Walsh. Walsh brings real pathos.” – Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald

Street Justice: Condition Red (Factory Theater, 2013)

“As the British villain Blade, Christopher Walsh deserves some sort of award for best evil laugh.” – Oliver Sava, Time Out Chicago

The Woman In White (Lifeline Theatre, 2012)

“Bringing his signature scene-stealing hilarity, Christopher M. Walsh plays haughty and cruel with mustache twirling elegance.” – Katy Walsh, Chicago Theatre Beat

“As the evil, bombastic Count Fosco, Christopher M. Walsh – a Peter Ustinov look-alike – nearly steals show with his finely delivered, uninterrupted speeches. In a story with as many layers as the preverbal onion, Walsh’s skill at varied – often quite humorous – presentations prevent the plot from degenerating into more tell than show. There is plenty of show, but the telling – which covers time lapses and behind-the-scenes episodes – skillfully moves the complicated story along.” – Beverly Friend, Ph.D., Chicago Critic

The Duchess of Malfi (Strawdog Theatre Company, 2012)

“Walsh, as stone-cold arch villain The Cardinal, gives every one of his scenes a sharp, cold precision that make his dastardly machinations by far the most interesting thing on stage.” – Alex Huntsberger, Centerstage

“Layered work from Christopher Walsh, whose Cardinal glows with evil energy.” – Brian Kirst, Sheridan Road Magazine

Watership Down (Lifeline Theatre, 2011)

“A strong and complex performance by Christopher M. Walsh.” – Scotty Zacher, Chicago Theater Blog

“Look for Christopher M. Walsh’s mohawked Bigwig … to occupy the spotlight in audiences’ memories.” – Mary Shen Barnidge, Windy City Times

“Christopher M. Walsh … delivers deadpan one liners with zinging humor.” – Katy Walsh, Chicago Now/The Fourth Walsh

“Christopher M. Walsh played Bigwig. … Bigwig was fuh-larious.” – Ada Grey, Ada Grey Reviews for You

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