I didn’t mean to skip posting for three days in a row. Mandy was out of town all weekend, and just got back yesterday afternoon, so it felt like it was still part of the weekend. I just kinda rolled with the Sunday vibe. My mistake.

Last week one of my two theatre companies held its big annual gala fundraising event. We all dress up fancy and host this massive party for our donors and subscribers and convince them to give us money so we can produce another season of shows. As far as I can tell, it was a successful event. On a personal note, however, it was driven home to me just how much weight I’ve put on in the last year. My suit… it does not fit quite so well anymore. The pants are now a bit tight around the waist, and I can no longer button the jacket. Not good.

I’ve been looking for motivation to get back on the wagon for months now. This might just do the trick. Fingers crossed.