Today I spent a couple hours at the theatre department of Columbia College, where I spent several years way back in the 1990s. I hadn’t set foot in the place in about 10 years, and found it to be equal parts familiar and completely changed. Physically it was almost unrecognizable. The central area of the theatre building’s third floor housed the prop department in my day. It has since been gutted and transformed into a lounge area. Kinda nice, actually.

I also saw a couple of my old teachers, and they haven’t changed a bit. The students, of course, are all significantly younger than the mature, seasoned adults I and my peers were when we ran the place.

I and a handful of fellow actors were there to help out the directing class. The teacher wanted to give the directing students a chance to work with actors who weren’t fellow students. It was a fun way to spend a morning, actually.

Turns out there are plans to remodel pretty much the whole building. If I ever find myself back there again, I may not recognize the place at all.