I have an ear infection. If anyone wants to know what I’m doing, and why I haven’t done anything productive, that is my simple answer. Ear infection. I cannot concentrate on anything else. My left ear canal is swollen and in pain. Advil helps, a little. So does flushing it with warm saline solution. For a little while. But it always comes back. And even if the pain is stifled (still pounding at the door, but the lock is holding for now) there’s still the matter of not being able to hear correctly. I can┬áhear, at least, so that’s something. But everything on the left side is just a little muted and dull. The louder and sharper noises are, the more apparent the disparity is. When cars pass by with their stereos thumping I get dizzy. And even when it’s nice and quiet, I can hear the difference. There’s this constant white noise in my left ear, reminding me that I am infected. Infected. Infection.

Damn it.

I’m giving it a couple more days, I think. If it gets worse I’ll have to swing by the clinic. It better not get any fucking worse.