This is a question I’ve been trying to ask myself more and more, whenever I catch myself being lazy. I like writing. I feel better about myself when I have written. And I do in fact have some professional obligation to produce content. That sounds onerous, but when I think about it I get excited. So why is it so easy to get lured away from writing? Is it because there is hard work involved? Because there is, no doubt about it. But is that it? I wondered if maybe it’s because I already spend so much time staring at my laptop and other computer screens for my day job, but really, when I’m not writing I’m usually farting around on my laptop anyway. So that’s not it.

Without any real answers, I’m making an effort to call myself on it more. Whenever I could be writing, but am not, I ask myself why. The idea is, if I don’t have a good answer to that question, I should probably just go ahead and write something.

And that’s why I wrote this blog post today.