I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, even though most of my friends were already aware of it. But today it was officially announced that I am the new Literary Manager for WildClaw Theatre.

WildClaw Theatre is the premiere horror theatre company in Chicago. It’s flagship production is the annual Deathscribe Festival of Horror Radio Plays. I’m proud to say I’m a two time finalist and one-time winner of the festival’s coveted Bloody Axe Award, the prize given to the best script of the evening as chosen by a panel of celebrity judges. I imagine my luck in the festival was part of what landed me the gig. Of course, as a member of the company I’m no longer eligible to compete in Deathscribe, but I’ve already won my axe, so I’m okay with it. Besides, I get to be in a theatre company with my wife, who will be taking the reins of the company’s casting department.

It’s all part of a big transition for WildClaw, as its artistic director, managing director, literary manager, and casting director of the past several years are all leaving the city to pursue other career opportunities. The company has brought in a batch of fresh blood (pun somewhat intended), and I’m hopeful that we can carry the torch and be even creepier, gorier, and just plain scarier than ever before.

So what does this mean for me? It means I’m going to be reading a lot more plays. And I’m hopeful that this will also turn into an outlet for more original playwriting. That said, I have no plans to scale back on my involvement in my first artistic home at Lifeline Theatre. In fact, I’ve got a proposal on the table there that we’ll be discussing at our next ensemble meeting. Depending on how that goes, I may or may not have news about another exciting project by the end of the summer.

Speaking of WildClaw Theatre, Motel 666 was incredibly well received. I wish it could have run longer. I was proud of my own contribution to it, but the whole thing was a hell of a lot of fun.

And in other news, Soon I Will Be Invincible closes this weekend after a fantastic run. The good reviews have been really good, and even the less good ones weren’t bad. It’s a fun show, I love the cast, and I’m glad they’re selling out the last few weekends of the run.