I haven’t talked about my current show The Hammer Trinity much because frankly when I’m not at the theater doing the show I am busy recovering from having done the show. It is a nine-hour relay race, a fantasy epic steeped in the mythos of Americana. If you’ve already seen parts 1 (The Iron Stag King) and 2 (The Crownless King), you can see part 3 (The Excelsior King) by itself on most Friday nights. If not, or if you realize that it’s been a year and a half since The Crownless King was running and you don’t really remember what happened, then you should join us for the full nine-hour experience of all three shows every Saturday and Sunday through May 3rd. The reviews have been across the board amazing. And we’ve got this sweet trailer. Check it out:

Get more info about the show from thehousetheatre.com.