Holy crap, you guys. I won.

Behold the Bloody Axe Award for Deathscribe 2014:


It was such a fun night! All of the pieces were great. I must give special shout-outs to my friends and co-finalists Kevin Alves and Jessica Wright Buha, both of whose pieces just killed. There was a bunch of great music, lots of laughs, and a room full of awesome people. Plus, Peter Segal from¬†Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me was one of the judges. How cool is that?

It was also announced last night (and so I think it’s cool to post it here) that I am writing one of the pieces for WildClaw Theatre’s upcoming theatrical horror anthology,¬†Motel 666. That will be happening next summer at the DCASE Storefront Theatre downtown.

And now I will leave you with a couple more snapshots from the magical event.