Do you people have any idea what time it is?!? I almost missed writing my blog post for the day!

Seriously, I’m heading out for Deathscribe in about 45 minutes. Several times today I remembered, “Oh yeah! I still need to write my blog post!” But I was always in some place like on the train or in the shower and I couldn’t just stop right there and then to take care of it. So I’d tell myself, “Don’t forget to do that when you get home,” or “Don’t forget to do that as soon as you’re done cooking,” and here I finally am, with barely enough time to spare.

This morning we had the final rehearsal for A Crew of Patches. Our first performance is tomorrow morning, for which I need to wake up at about 4:15am. And we have our second show on Wednesday morning, so I should probably go to bed early… Except that tomorrow night is my first rehearsal for The Hammer Trinity with the House Theatre of Chicago. Remember last year, I did a show with them called The Crownless King? That was part 2 of a trilogy. This will be the WHOLE trilogy, performed in rep. It might be the biggest project I’ve ever acted in. I was the fight choreographer for a six-hour non-musical production of The Ring Cycle a few years ago, but I only had to watch it a few times. This will be a whole different beast.

But tonight is Deathscribe, my favorite night of the holiday season. I am thrilled pantsless to be a finalist this year. Wish me luck!

Oh, and I hope your Thanksgiving was nice. Mine was. I ate way too much, but my mom came in to town for it, so everything was great.