Today I have one goal, and one goal only. Today, I must clean.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving as I’m sure you all know. No, I am not hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. That would be crazy talk. But my mom is coming to town and spending the day with us, and the least I can do is make an effort to pretend my wife and I are not total slobs. Because we are slobs. Holy crap. The other day I did a really thorough cleaning of our bedroom for the first time since we moved in – I mean like moved the furniture and stuff. I even Swiffered the walls. There were not dust bunnies. There was a colony of dust bunnies. It was like Watership Down, but all dust.

It’s better now, though. Also, I finally realize why people do that kind of cleaning in the spring, when you can open the windows and get fresh air and stuff. I was hacking up dust from my lungs for two days.

This being a holiday week, and because I have a houseguest coming, this will probably be my last post for the week. Next week is full of craziness: Deathscribe on Monday, followed by our first Patches show of the year on Tuesday morning, followed immediately by my first rehearsal for the House Theatre’s Hammer Trinity Tuesday night. ‘Tis the season, people!