I’ve added a new little front page intro to the site, using the “Sticky Post” feature WordPress provides. It looks good right now; we’ll see if it’s still working correctly after I post this new entry.

My funk from yesterday continues, although I did manage to fix the toilet. I’m rather proud of that. I made a bit of a mess that had to be mopped up, but otherwise it went pretty well. Aside from that, yesterday was an exercise in frustration. And to add to the fun, I think my cat Aggie has asthma. We thought at first she was working on a giant hairball, but now that it’s been going on for a few days and we’ve looked up the symptoms, I’m worried it may be something worse. Mandy and I have plans to do a thorough, deep cleanse of the condo soon. We’re going to wash the walls and everything. This place is starting to feel a little too lived in, if you know what I mean. My allergies are bad enough, but if it’s kicking my cat’s butt, then we’re doing something wrong. Time to make some changes.