Oh man, did you guys see that Bears game last night? That was hard to watch. I mean, I thought a couple weeks ago when Lamarr Houston gave himself a season-ending injury while celebrating a sack when his team was already losing by 25 points was the low point of the season. I was so wrong. I don’t care who you’re up against, you cannot fall behind by 42 points in one half of football and call yourself a good team. I don’t even know if you can call your self a team at all. I can’t even imagine what the locker room atmosphere must be like.

I am not one of those football fans who thinks they have any answers for how a team can turn itself around. I don’t know if they¬†can¬†turn themselves around, not in this season anyway. But I hope they figure something out, because it is no fun being a Chicago Bears fan this year.