More rehearsal for A Crew of Patches this morning. Today we focus on all the fight scenes inĀ Romeo and Juliet. Of the three shows we do, R&J is probably my favorite. Not because of any specific preference for the text, but rather because I play the servant Peter, and I get to play him as the comic relief. Our version can basically be split down the middle. The first half is a wacky teen comedy, filled with dick jokes (Shakespeare’s jokes, not ours!) and shenanigans. But it’s all fun and games until somebody dies, so when Mercutio and then Tybalt meet their maker in quick succession halfway through the play, the tone abruptly shifts to the tragedy we all remember reading in ninth grade.

But through it all, Peter, hapless illiterate servant to the Capulets, does his best to keep his sunny disposition.

Unless you are a high school student or teacher in the greater Chicago area, I doubt you will ever get a chance to see the Patches in action. I kinda feel bad about that. It’s a good time, I promise you.