It’s 12:30 in the afternoon, I’m sitting on my couch doing some day-job-related work (content entry for a web development company), I’ve got The X-Files playing in the background, and I realized that holy crap I haven’t written my blog entry for the day. That’s the first time since I started this 100-words-per-weekday plan that I’ve come close to not getting it done. Yikes.

I hadn’t settled on a topic yet. That was the problem. For once, there were too many things to talk about. I could gripe a little more about the election. Or, I read this article about the horrible response from Christians to Brittany Maynard’s death.

But you know what? I don’t want to talk about that stuff right now, so instead I will leave you with this link. It’s a fun little Q&A I did with the daemons at WildClaw Theatre – the same daemons who saw fit to include my radio play Fracture Zone in their annual Deathscribe Festival of Horror Radio Plays. One of these years that Bloody Axe is going to be mine. Oh yes. Oh yes it will.