Well that was a disappointing election. The only real positive is that I can now say that once at a diner I was rude to the governor of Illinois. Yeah, he wasn’t governor yet, but still. I’ve got that going for me.

I have a lot of angry friends letting loose on Facebook and Twitter this morning, but one of them managed to encapsulate a lot of what I think went wrong:

Dear Democratic Party:

This is on you, dumbasses.

You have a Democrat in the White House during a robust recovery from the worst recession since the Depression. The Dow is at record highs, unemployment is sinking faster every month, consumer confidence is high and happy days are here again.

So what did you do? You ran AWAY from the President. You let the opposition define the fight. You refused to call the economy good because you didn’t want to piss off the 6% who aren’t working right now. And you ran stupid candidates like Coakley in Massachusetts, Crist in Florida and didn’t even bother to fight certain GOP politicians, judging those races to be hopeless.

That’s not how the Republicans campaign. They define the terms of the battle, make the opponents strengths their weaknesses, they never concede and are the first to trumpet their successes from the mountaintop.

And that’s why they won. And it’s why we lost. Maybe next time we can run on our record, our policies and actually embrace our successful President instead of treating him like he’s a failure.

Because there’s only one big failure in this election, Democrats:




That was from Kevin Theis, Chicago actor and director. He gives good angry.