Ah. Freshly shorn. I haven’t had a haircut since last spring. I was supposed to shave my head for Monstrous Regiment, but I’d already been cast in Season on the Line when they asked me about it, so I had to check with the SotL team first, and they said no, they wanted my luxurious locks to grace the stage as the coiffure of Joao, the Azorean whaler/technical director. And then they gave me hats and covered my head for the whole damn show.

I confess, that kinda pissed me off. I mean, they basically made another show compromise on their design for no real reason. Lame. But oh well. Both shows are in the books, and both were great successes, so I cannot complain about something as little as a haircut. Which I have finally gotten. Oh, and I shaved off the beard, as you can see. Although I’m growing it back, at least for the next couple of weeks. I’m getting new headshots taken (at long last!) and will get some shots with and without the facial hair. I’m hoping this will make my life a little easier when I’m auditioning for on-camera work, and I can finally always have a headshot that looks something like me.