That’s me, taking away Lt. Kelly Severide’s (played by Taylor Kinney) keys after he had about five too many at my bar on last night’s episode of Chicago Fire.

I took the train downtown to the show’s base camp where I changed into my wardrobe and makeup. Like my previous experience, I had a little division of a trailer to myself. I had about half an hour of down time before I was called to the shuttle that would take me to the set. At the shuttle I met Taylor Kinney, who is about the friendliest, most gregarious person in the world. He chatted the whole short drive to the bar where we shot the scene.

Chicago Fire is in its third season, and they are by now a well-oiled machine. The first shot was ready to go when we arrived. Within minutes we were wired up, had the scene blocked, and were shooting the first takes. And here’s where I discovered a fascinating thing.

Taylor Kinney is a little shorter than me. Not by much, but enough that you could tell. He’s also much thinner. But as soon as the director called action, I swear he grew like six inches. When we were on, there was literally no one else in the room you could look at. It was amazing to watch, and as a relative newbie to television, intimidating as hell to act with.

I think I made it through unscathed, though. The scene appears pretty much exactly as it was described in the script. For a guy who only got to work on the show for half a day, I cannot complain about my screen time. I think it turned out great. And watching Mr. Kinney do his thing was a hell of a learning experience.