I’m trying something new. Nothing major or earthshaking. I’m just trying to teach myself a new habit. I’m writing one hundred words for this blog every weekday.

I’ve tried a few motivational tools. One I quite like is the Magic Spreadsheet, which I learned of while listening to Mur Lafferty’s podcast, I Should Be Writing. The Spreadsheet basically turns daily word count goals into something of a game, with points earned for consistency, and the ability to “level up,” and stuff like that. There’s also an online community of fellow Spreadsheet users who support each other on Facebook and other digital gathering places. The minimum goal on the Spreadsheet is 250 words per day, which is really very modest, and yet for some reason I keep letting it slip. Call it laziness, maybe. I don’t know.

What I have found, however, is that a little bit of free-writing does grease the wheels a little for me, and that helps me move forward on actual writing projects. And it doesn’t take much – just about a hundred words or so to get the juices flowing, and then I can be off to the races. I did try this briefly with the 250-word goal in mind, but for some reason I kept sitting there staring at a blinking cursor and failing to find something I needed that many words to talk about. But a hundred words? Pfft. That’s easy. I can talk about anything for a hundred words. I can talk about what I had for dinner last night. Or how badly I slept.

And the next thing you know, I’ve actually written 276 words instead. Success!

See you tomorrow!