I have been experiencing a worse-than-usual burst of laziness lately. Like, extreme laziness. Whatever the opposite of an energy drink is, that is what would be the official sponsor of the sport in which I am participating. This is not good. I’ve learned that I don’t really work unless there is a fire under me. Deadlines are my friend, or rather my drill sergeant. Without them I can barely make the bed in the morning. And I have slacked on that recently, too.

I need to learn how to make myself work when there is no deadline. Self-imposed deadlines don’t really work. I’ve tried. I don’t believe them. So I need to find some other way to start making shit happen.

This brings me back to making my bed. Maybe you guys saw the video of the commencement speech Admiral William H. McRaven gave at the University of Texas at Austin this year. It was something of a viral hit. Anyway, he talks a lot about motivation, and the image that stuck with me after watching the speech is that no matter what, start your day by making your bed. Manage that one small, manageable accomplishment, and it makes the next task seem a little easier. And the one after that even easier. And so on. And if, at the end of the day, you haven’t accomplished everything you set out to do that day… you can at least come home to a nicely made bed.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I’ve got writing projects stacking up, and I’ve made very little progress on them because I have no deadlines. So I need to find some other reason to write them than deadlines. And I’ve got work for my various day jobs that I need to make happen. I don’t want to look like I left it until the last minute. So I need to get moving.

I did make my bed this morning. So that’s a start.