Light spoilers ahead…

I finally got around to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. In some ways I’ve been looking forward to this more than any other film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which is apparently a thing we capitalize now.) It certainly had the best trailer.

It was… okay. There were a few fun, funny bits. Not enough, though. You knew going in that none of the fiveĀ main characters were really in danger of getting killed or anything, and they didn’t introduce anyone else whose well-being we should worry about, so there were no real stakes. The only one of the main characters who displays any real growth is, oddly enough, Drax the Destroyer (any explanation for that title? No.), who by the end begins to put effort into figuring out a sense of humor. Otherwise, everyone kinda shows up on screen, says who they are, and then stays that way.

Lee Pace was obviously enjoying himself as Ronan the Accuser, but I never did understand what his problem was or why he wanted to destroy Glenn Close’s planet. I guess it’s just because he’s The Accuser, and that’s what he does. And his whole scheme with Thanos just kinda went away and became a non-plot.

So we’re ten movies in now, and I guess this whole series is about these Infinity Stones? And after ten movies, we’ve found, what, four of them? And they do what, exactly? And we care, why? It’s reached the point where the most interesting thing about these movies is how each one sets up theĀ next movie. Usually we have to wait for a mid- or post-credits scene, but this time we learn, during the post-climax resolution, that there’s some big mystery surrounding the identity of Peter Quill’s father. So now we need to see another movie just to resolve that.

And I will, of course, go see it.

Oh, and speaking of post-credits scenes… Ugh. Gah. No. Table flip.

Two stars out of four.