We closed Monstrous Regiment last weekend, and I have not quite come to terms with the fact. I don’t really know how to describe the experience of working on that show without sounding trite and maudlin. The truth is, I didn’t want the show to end. If I could play that part in that play with that cast, I would be happy to keep going for months.

When the cast was first announced, people were impressed by the group we’d assembled. At the first read-through I knew we had something special, but I don’t think any of us could have predicted just how tight a unit we would become. I think we started to annoy people on Facebook with all our gushing at each other, especially during the last week of the run. But I don’t care. I think audiences would have been fine with the show running longer, too. We sold out almost every performance, with people coming to see the show three or four times.

But in this business, nothing lasts forever, and eventually you have to move on to whatever is next. Last week I started rehearsals on Season on the Line with the House Theatre of Chicago. This adaptation of Moby Dick tells the story of a young assistant stage manager hired for a season at Bad Settlement Theatre Company, where the Artistic Director pursues his obsession of the perfect stage adaptation of Moby Dick. I play Joao, Bad Settlement’s resident whaling expert and technical director. This will be my second show with the House, after my fantastic experience with them last fall working on The Crownless King.

Also, auditions for Soon I Will Be Invincible are coming up in a few weeks. I and the rest of the creative team are gathering names, preparing sides, and generally freaking out about the fact that holy shit we’re having auditions already. Don’t we have, like, a whole year before this gets going? (Answer: No.)