Lifeline Theatre’s adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Monstrous Regiment opened Monday as has been garnering rave reviews so far:

“From the moment Monstrous Regiment begins, with an army recruiter’s vaudevillian routine calling the brave sons of Borogravia to join against the foul Slovenian and Ankh-Morporkian invaders (complete with helpful flags, for the more dim-witted recruits) while Polly Perks (Sarah Price) cuts her hair and stuffs her trousers to become Oliver, it’s clear that Lifeline Theatre understands Terry Pratchett. … Monstrous Regiment is a comedy with top-notch production values that keep the audience laughing, and is one of the more original stories you can see in a theatre. I’m thrilled Lifeline chose to tackle it, and with such gusto.” – Kevin Thomas, Time Out Chicago

“Director Kevin Theis orchestrates the flow of physical comedy and the delivery of the frequently funny dialogue impeccably. Timing, that essential key to comedy in fictional lands on the Disc and right here on planet Earth, is spot-on from start to finish. The sci-fi and fantastical elements work in service of the script’s main focus on providing commentary on war and social injustice while delivering laughs. Along with the ample jokes, there are occasional tender moments. The entire cast is crisp and undeniably likeable. … The strength of the cast is itself an argument for gender equality, the women and the men in this winning production are all worthy of commendation.” – Raymond Rehayem, Newcity Stage

“Hainsworth has done a fine job of translating Pratchett’s amiable cynicism into sharp theatrical language. … Theis’s ensemble brings even the undead to vivid, entertaining life.” – Tony Adler, Chicago Reader

“With spunk and spirit, director Theis turns Pratchett’s silver into Lifeline’s gold, inspiring richly textured performances from 11 wickedly sharp thespians. Their crafted accents, systemic mugging, deadpan reactions, and character-rooted quirks are perfectly timed and always on target.” – Lawrence Bommer, Stage and Cinema

Tickets are available through the Lifeline Theatre box office at (773) 761-4477, or online at