The 41st annual Non-Equity Jeff Awards happened last night. It was my second time attending, and first time as a nominee. It was a thrill and a privilege to be there. I admit I am disappointed I did not win, but there is truth to the cliche that it was an honor just to have been nominated.

I am thrilled for Diane Fairchild, whose gorgeous lighting for A Tale of Two Cities won last night. And I had a ball sitting with my wife and the rest of the contingent from Factory Theatre, there to celebrate their four nominations for Incident on Run #1217. The thrill of the night was when playwright Manny Tamayo won for best New Work, and gave a short but brilliant speech: “Factory Theater: Attention has been paid.” The award was well-deserved. Did you see that show? Oh man. It was a hell of a thing.

Okay. Chicago’s Theatre Prom is over. Back to real life.