Yesterday I was out the door at 5:45am so I could be in Wauconda in time for a performance of Romeo and Juliet with A Crew of Patches. It was a new school for us, and it couldn’t have gone better. Great kids, and a lovely theater in which to perform. And it was an early show, which meant we were on our way back to the city at a decent hour. I had an audition scheduled for mid-day, and got back early enough that I went to the Starbucks near the casting agent’s office to kill time.

The audition itself was weird. The first thing I learned upon entering the office was that the dates of the shoot had been changed, and I had conflicts on most of the new dates. That kinda threw me. The audition itself was a bit of a blur. It was just three quick two-line scenarios. I was instructed to perform two of them word-for-word, but that I could “have fun” with the third one. I had no fun. I did them all exactly as written. I got no feedback; just a “thank you” when I was finished, and away I went, certain that between my conflicts and my inability to “have fun,” I had blown that particular audition. I left in a funk which, for various reasons, did not dissipate over the remainder of the afternoon.

Much later in the day I found myself back at that same casting agent’s office for an entirely different audition. (No, I was not brought back on the strength of the earlier audition. They had both been scheduled ahead of time.) While in the waiting room I got a call from my agent, saying the casting people from the earlier audition wanted more details regarding my conflicts. While I had to explain that no, I could not be flexible on the dates I listed, I could not help but think that maybe my earlier audition hadn’t gone so badly after all. I mean, would they bother following up like that if they weren’t interested in at least giving me a callback? I’d like to think not. I hung up suddenly feeling much better about myself. I went into my second audition feeling confident. It was for a bit part on a TV show. I can safely say I have no idea how it went.

As of this morning I haven’t heard anything, but it’s early. If I don’t get the TV show, well, it was a crowded room last night. I can’t be surprised. As for the other thing, if I don’t hear anything I am comfortable letting myself believe it’s because I wasn’t available in the first place.