Screenshot 2014-01-20 09.27.47

The cop up there, shouting at the crowd? That’s me! This is it: My network television debut. This is, almost literally, all you see of me in the episode of Betrayal which aired last night on ABC. If you watched the episode you also heard me shout one of the two lines scripted for me. The other was mushed into the general noise and chaos of the scene. I’m not complaining. It was a fun job. I hope to get many more. And ideally, the more experience I get, the bigger the parts will be.

I actually missed the live airing. I was in rehearsal last night. But I did enjoy the outpouring of support from friends and family. It was fun seeing my dad’s comments on Facebook. My sisters posted photos of themselves pointing at the screen when I appeared. My wife had a rehearsal of her own, but she got home in time to send me a video, shot on her phone, of the closing credits. Seeing that almost made it more real than seeing my face on the screen.

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