On Sunday we had the first script read of my Awesome Super Secret Project. It went great. I always enjoy these readings, when new people hear the script for the first time. I got some fantastic feedback and have a lot of good ideas to get started on the next phase. I think I can safely say that the rest of the team is as enthusiastic as I am about it.

Tomorrow night is the final early draft reading for my adaptation of A Tale of Two Cities. This is exciting because it’s the first time the actual cast will be in the room together. It’s the last chance I’ll get to hear the script out loud before we begin rehearsals in three weeks. (Ulp!) I’ll take the feedback from tomorrow’s reading and use it to produce the script with which we will start the rehearsal process.

The sad news is that these two projects have made my NaNoWriMo book one project too many. The first week went okay, but between these two other writing projects, as well as Street Justice: Condition Red opening last Friday, I have not been able to come anywhere close to the amount of words per day I’d need to make it to 50,000 before the end of the month. So I must, regrettably, wave the white flag on NaNoWriMo this year.

That doesn’t mean I’ve completely dropped it, though. I’m still devoting a little time to it every day, and counting those words on the Magic Spreadsheet. The goals are far more modest than NaNoWriMo, but the important thing is to just keep writing.

In the meantime, Time Out Chicago’s review of Street Justice dropped today. Four stars. I liked this bit:

“What really makes Street Justice work is the passion of the performers, who are having such a good time on stage that it’s impossible not to smile as they sink into further depths of depravity.”