Up in the banner of my website is a new icon. Currently it just says, “christophermwalsh,” followed by a blank white line, then, “0 words.” Throughout the month of November, I intend to fill in that white line, and move that number from zero to over 50,000 words.

That’s right. It’s National Novel Writing Month.

It might be more ambitious than usual for me to try it this year. I’m in a play that starts previews next weekend. I start rehearsals for A Crew of Patches this week, and start performances the end of November. And I’ve got another play to finish writing that starts rehearsals in the first week of December. But I really want to do this. I’ve got an idea I’m excited about. And I feel like if I don’t start it now, then I’m never going to start it.

If you’re planning on participating too, then click on that icon and join me at the official NaNoWriMo website. We could be Writing Buddies!