Last night we closed The Crownless King, and I can state without reservation that it was one of the finest experiences I’ve had in my theatre career. For that, I have to say thank you to the House Theatre of Chicago, director Nathan Allen, and the incredible cast and crew. It was the kind of show that reminded me why I chose this path in the first place, and renewed my confidence in my own work and future. I cannot remember a more positive experience since I began acting.

I’m going to miss the circle, when the whole cast and run crew gathered together in the few minutes before the audience came in. It was an opportunity for everyone to check in with each other and center ourselves. The House has several traditions that, at another time with another group, I probably would have found uncomfortable. I’ve never been a fan of ceremony. But with the House, each circle created this wave of positive energy that we carried on stage with us every night.

I’m going to miss playing Abraham Pride, who had characteristics I always get to play, but also a couple of scenes I never get to play. I looked forward to those moments every night, when I got to share the stage with the extraordinary Brenda Barrie, one of my favorite actors in Chicago.

I’ll also miss playing Bilge. He was just a dick. That’s always fun to play.

I’m going to miss being a part of such a massive, detailed, and epic story. It was intimidating, taking over a track that had already been established by another actor in the first part, a year ago. But they made the transition seamless, and I felt like I had always been a part of it. I loved the early rehearsals, when we all took an active part in developing the script and fleshing out the world.

I’m given to understand that the House has grand plans for the third part of the Crownless Trilogy, but I don’t think anything’s official so I probably shouldn’t say anything yet. All I will say is, I hope I get to be a part of it. Any chance I get to work with the House again, I will take it.

Thank you to everybody who made this such a special project.