I’m on another kick to write more. So be warned. I’m gonna try to post stuff here more regularly. I’ve been reading a lot of writers’ blogs and marveling at the quantity of the content they manage to produce. John Scalzi, for example, somehow manages to come up with new posts nearly every day. Mur Lafferty isn’t that far behind. I couldn’t help but wonder how they kept finding stuff to write about. Then I noticed it: They write about EVERYTHING.

With this new fitness regimen I’m finding that so many things involve creating positive habits. The exercise thing is becoming a habit. I want to make writing into a positive habit as well. I just hope I don’t bore you all to tears with it. And hey, if you notice I haven’t posted anything here for a few days, please call me on it. I’m finding that accountability is a strong motivator.

In other news: We’re on a brief hiatus from rehearsals forĀ The Crownless King. During our down time we, the cast, are expected to learn our lines so we can dive into rehearsals head first in a week. Before we concluded our last rehearsal, I got a look at a set of props that will appear in the show: Dragon feet. These are some seriously cool props. I can’t wait for you guys to see ’em.