Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 12.15.58 AM

Hey look! That’s me! That there is a screen shot from my first feature-length film, Like Father Like Daughter, directed by Allie Loukas for Pot Pan Productions. My part wrapped yesterday after a little over three weeks of filming. I am kinda exhausted. Of the many things I learned on this project, the Number One Lesson would be: Don’t take a role this size in a film and try to rehearse a play at the same time. Your brains will start to leak out.

I worked on a couple of student film projects back in the day, and my impression of the experience was that working on a film set was like being in tech for a play. For actors, it involves a lot of standing and waiting while everyone else does the (literal and figurative) heavy lifting. Then, when it is your turn to do your work, by god you better do it right because otherwise you have wasted a whole lot of people’s time. This most recent job drove that lesson home. Watching an efficient professional crew at work is mesmerizing and humbling.

I am grateful to have gotten a chance to work on a project like this. I had a lot of fun, met some awesome people (Hey Ruben! Hey Angela!), and learned a hell of a lot of stuff that I can bring with me on future projects. I hope y’all get to see it some day soon.

Today I’m gonna take a nap. I’m going to go over my lines for a couple auditions I have coming up. I’ll probably eat something. Then it’s off to the theater for the first post-tech rehearsal of The Three Musketeers. I’m relieved to be able to finally give it the full focus it deserves. It’s gonna be a hell of a show. I mean seriously. Have you seen this poster?


Who can deny the snazzy of that?