I’m enjoying a rare full day in which I have nothing I have to do. That may not be really accurate; I have plenty of stuff I have to do. But I don’t have to do any of it today, which is pretty awesome. But I have a full week ahead of me, which is also pretty great. This week I have:

  • Five shows in four days with A Crew of Patches – three Romeo and Juliets, and two Macbeths.
  • A full week of rehearsals for The Three Musketeers – I’m on the poster! That’s a first for me.
  • A Tale of Two Cities – Draft 2.0.

The Lifeline ensemble gathered to read the first draft of A Tale of Two Cities last week, and provided me with much feedback to go into the next draft. I’m very excited about it… and a little intimidated. Time is a factor, and between the Patches shows, Musketeers rehearsals, the shooting schedule forĀ Like Father Like Daughter, and a new (non-artistic) project I’m taking on for my theatre company, time is more scarce than usual. But I like it that way. If I have to budget my time, I end up using my time more efficiently. It’s these days when I have one thing I have to do that will take maybe forty-five minutes, and I have all day to get it done, then I will find ANYTHING to keep me distracted until I have a half hour left to get that forty-five-minute project done. It’s obnoxious.

But today I’ve got this couch. And Looper from Netflix. And a friend loaned me Les Miserables on Blu Ray. And I’ve got a Hulu Plus account – did you know you can watch the entire Criterion Collection on there? So I’m good.