Check one more item off the bucket list: My ten-minute radio play Comparing Notes at the End of the World is a finalist for WildClaw Theatre‘s Deathscribe 2012 International Festival of Horror Radio Plays. This is the fifth year writers have competed for the coveted Bloody Axe award and I am thrilled to have the chance to throw my hat in the ring.

WildClaw’s annual Deathscribe event has become a holiday tradition for Mandy and me. Aside from the Jeff Awards, I cannot think of another annual event at which you can find so much of Chicago’s theatre community gathered in one place. The five finalists’ plays are performed live with foley artists contributing sound effects. There is a live band, musical acts, a panel of celebrity judges, and a whole lot of alcohol. It has never failed to be a riotous good time.

This year’s festival takes place on December 3rd at the Mayne Stage. I am all kinds of excited.