My stepdad worked as a scenic carpenter at Indiana Repertory Theatre for the last several years of his life. They are planning to run this note in their program:

The IRT family lost one of its beloved members just before Thanksgiving:  Michael Schiesser was a member of our scene shop staff for 6 years, but his impact in the theatre ranged far beyond these duties.  Michael was truly a philosopher humorist, whose great love of teaching—whether it was the execution of a rigging knot, or the solution to a crossword puzzle—was always generously, if wryly, offered.  We depended on Michael for a ready smile, a curiosity about others’ lives and work conditions, for his off-the-wall and wide-ranging views on the world, and for his ingenious scene shop pranks.   No one could hold a candle to him in the pranks division:  Michael could literally nail your tools to the table, hide your favorite screwdriver, or reverse the belt clip on your tape measure without detection!  Michael’s satiric reflections keep many of us afloat during hard times.  He will be deeply missed, joyfully remembered, and honored by his friends at the IRT.”
Just wanted to share.