And here it is: My brand-new, freshly squeezed website. I find that I cannot stop tinkering with it.

The HTML/CSS class was interesting and informative, and if this online thing ever offers a more advanced one I shall definitely check it out. I’m now deep into their introductory Javascript course, which is about a hundred times more complicated. It involves the use of words that are not currently part of my vocabulary. Words like, “concatenation.” It requires the understanding of “variables” and “functions,” both of which sound suspiciously math-like to my artist’s brain. Fortunately, these are video lectures, so when anything doesn’t sink in the first time I can just watch it again. Once I’ve got the hang of it I’m moving on to PHP/MySQL. I think it will help me at my current day job. Or perhaps it will help at some future day job. We shall see.

In other news, The Count of Monte Cristo has been extended for two weeks, so it now closes November 13th – just in time for me to begin work on Hunger, also for Lifeline Theatre. We’re doing a special workshop/staged reading downtown this month, which will be a change from Lifeline’s usual process. I’m curious to see what we’ll be able to take from this once we enter the regular rehearsal process after Thanksgiving.