An Idea

An Idea

I’ve got an idea for this thing. I call it the Secular Artists Alliance. I’ve gone so far as to register the domain name. Beyond that, however, it’s just an idea. As I wrote on the placeholder page, “My hope is to turn this into a forum for artists of all disciplines who have, or have been inspired by, or are maybe just curious about, a secular worldview. I’d like this to be a place where artists can come for support, networking, feedback, and inspiration.”

Now how do I do that?

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  1. Chelsea Paice says:

    I think that you could begin with a challenge to all artists to explore this question (via

    “Atheism and agnosticism are silent on larger questions of values and meaning. If Meaning in life is not ordained from on high, what small-m meanings can we work out among ourselves? If eternal life is an illusion, how can we make the most of our only lives? As social beings sharing a godless world, how should we coexist?”

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