It has been a long, brilliant two months.

Watership Down was a huge success, critically acclaimed, Jeff Recommended. I don’t know that I have ever had such a positive experience working with an ensemble. I do know that I have never worked this hard on a show before. It was the most physically demanding project I have worked on since summer training camp for high school football. Early on, I was not sure I would be up to the challenge. I worried that the demands of the role would wear me down. I thought for certain that my knees would eventually give out. I feared that I wouldn’t make it to the end of the run, and that my understudy would have to take over.

Turns out my fears were unfounded. I wore protective knee braces, was careful about warming up before shows, and followed our movement designer’s advice on how best to carry myself in performance, and by the end of the run I was noticeably stronger. My knees became less and less of an issue. Halfway through the run, the whole thing became fun.

I will miss Watership Down in a way I rarely miss shows. It deserved a longer run than we were able to give it. Being a part of this production encapsulated everything I love about theater.

Eesh. That got awfully sappy. Sorry about that.

It’s Friday night and I’m on my couch. No shows tonight. The first Friday off in months. At my day job, a project three months in the building finally came to fruition, so that’s another weight off. And I was able to send the latest draft of The Count of Monte Cristo to my director today, so that’s another goal achieved. All things considered, it’s been a pretty good time for me. I have a few weeks until Monte Cristo rehearsals start, which should give me plenty of time to finally whip through the final season of Friday Night Lights, the Blu-rays of which some friends were kind enough to lend me. I am also telling myself that I will start doing some push-ups, maybe try a little running, something to maintain the activity level — and associated benefits — I achieved while pretending to be a rabbit for the last two months. But then I’ve always been good at finding reasons to avoid that sort of thing.

Basically I’ve got two things on my plate. I have Monte Cristo rapidly approaching. And then once that’s open I have a eight-week gap before I start rehearsals on the next project. I need to find something to fill it. I was thinking maybe a class. Or some new writing project. Not sure yet. We shall see.