… but BEEP BEEP, people! The reviews for Treasure Island have been rolling in, and it looks like we’re a hit! I’ve linked below to several of the reviews, and included a few choice excerpts here and there.

Chicago Sun-TimesDig up ‘Treasure’ at Lifeline show – “The ensemble is terrific, with Chris Hainsworth, Christopher M. Walsh, Ezekiel Sulkes, C. Sean Piereman and Eduardo Garcia as a fine bunch of battered and battering gold-diggers.”

Chicago Theater BlogLifeline creates an all-hands-on-deck winner – “Chief among equals: Christopher Walsh as the rum-and-rickets-infused Billy Bones, a rogue whose “thundering apoplexy” proves the catalyst for the story’s rollicking treasure hunt.”

Chicago Tribune – Full-blown ‘Treasure Island’ sails into Lifeline: Prepare to be boarded – “Thanks to the inventions of designer Alan Donahue and a slew of deliciously droll performances from the likes of Robert McLean, Christopher M. Walsh and young Warren Weber, this is an engrossing adventure that Kauzlaric unfolds at break-neck pace.”

ChicagoistShiver Me Timbers! Lifeline’s Treasure Island Is Explosive – “This show is as close to perfection as they come, and if you have a thing for pirates, it’s just that much better.”

Dining ChicagoFabulous coming-of-age classics: ‘The Fantasticks’ and ‘Treasure Island’ – “Along with Sinitski, Christopher M. Walsh, as Billy Bones, and Patrick Blashill, as Dr. Livesey, deliver exceptional performances, and director Robert Kauzlaric’s staging is impeccable.”

Gapers BlockA Pirate’s Life for Me

NewcityReview: Treasure Island/Lifeline Theatre

I am tired and bruised, but immensely proud of this show. Yar.