First he goes and talks to the Evangelicals, and now this. I’m a little disappointed in Barack Obama.

I signed up to receive one of the text messages announcing Senator Obama’s pick for VP. I put myself on the list because I wanted to be the guy in the office who, in the middle of the afternoon, could stand up and say, “Hey everybody! Barack Obama picked so-and so!” Fat lot of good that plan did me. I ended up getting the news the same way everybody else did — from the actual news. Did I not receive the text message? Oh, I got it . . .

. . . at 3:40 in the morning.

I don’t even remember I own a cell phone until I’ve been awake for an hour and eaten breakfast and read the news on Yahoo. Was that supposed to be a play on the whole 3 AM phone call thing? Who knows? [Apparently it was an attempt to beat a press leak that revealed the name. Still, dick move.] All I know is that I gave this guy my cell phone number, thus opening myself up to untold annoyances in the form of requests for support and donations, all for the promise of being “one of the first” to receive the news. What a gyp.

However, I cannot say I’m disappointed, or even surprised, by who Obama selected. By now you must have heard that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee selected Senator Joe Biden of Delaware as his running mate. I’m cool with this; I’ve always liked Senator Biden. I will enjoy watching him shred whatever douche McCain picks when they debate. I almost hope it’s Leiberman, just because I already saw Senator Biden totally own that tool on Meet the Press just a few weeks ago.